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Here are some of the organizations and causes that KITA has worked to raise $26,822.19 for, and ways that you can help out!

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KITA & stanford students for workers' rights

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NOTE: This fundraiser has now closed after raising $5,128.49, but the sticker can still be purchased.


Proceeds from KITA's Unity Sticker will go toward the service workers at Stanford University who are being laid off in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic. These workers were already severely under-compensated or overworked and subcontracted. They are losing wages of $10k-$20k each. For the price of two cups of coffee, you can help make a difference in their lives. 


KITA & navajo and hopi families covid-19 relief fund


NOTE: This fundraiser has now closed after raising $816.75, but the sticker can still be purchased.


"The Navajo Nation has surpassed New York and New Jersey for the highest per-capita coronavirus infection rate in the US -- another sign of Covid-19's disproportionate impact on minority communities" ( As the world battles COVID-19, Indigenous communities are among the worst affected. KITA designs is showing their support for Diné (Navajo) and Hopi Families with the new Be A Warrior sticker. Proceeds will go to the Navajo & Hopi Families COVID-19 Relief Fund to support the community relief efforts.

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KITA & farmlink

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NOTE: This fundraiser has now closed after raising $883.38, but the sticker can still be purchased.


FarmLink is a not-for-profit grassroots movement that connects farms with food banks to feed thousands in need while supporting essential jobs. They fundraise externally to acquire surplus produce from farms and suppliers and pay transportation costs in order to deliver fresh food to food banks in need. Proceeds from the Linked With Love Sticker will go to FarmLink.


KITA in partnership with alpha Kappa alpha, inc. xi beta chapter for we love lake street


NOTE: This fundraiser has now closed after raising $14,011.26, but the sticker can still be purchased.

KITA is proudly partnering with Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc., Xi Beta Chapter to raise money for We Love Lake Street, an organization dedicated to helping small businesses and nonprofits on Lake Street in Minneapolis rebuild their storefronts and reopen their businesses in the face of the current protests. 


It is imperative that we stand up for and support those who are protesting for justice after the murders of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Tony McDade, Nina Pop, Ahmaud Arbery, Michael Brown, Tamir Rice, Aiyana Jones, Atatiana Jefferson, Oscar Grant, and so many others. All proceeds from the Silence is Violence Sticker will be donated to We Love Lake Street. The message "silence is violence" is especially salient now. Silence is not an option. We all need to stand up, speak out, and support Black communities. #BlackLivesMatter #JusticeForGeorgeFloyd 

NOTE: This fundraiser was originally for North Star Health Collective, an organization that provides health care services, resources, and training to the Minnesota community, but they have since requested that donations be redirected elsewhere.

ONETrack International

KITA & onetrack international

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NOTE: This fundraiser has now closed after raising over $200.00, but the sticker can still be purchased.

ONETrack International provides for orphaned children by removing them from their overcrowded and under-resourced orphanages and placing them in the households of biological family members (and providing for all their education, health needs and caretaker support) and in a conflict context, provides for separated children by keeping the remaining family members together and removing them from collective institutions (such as refugee camps) to private homes.

ONETrack also works to uphold, introduce and train globally-recognized international laws and standards that protect an orphaned child’s rights to be raised by biological relatives, or other suitable providers, within their communities of birth in situations where it is practical and appropriate.

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KITA & diversify our narrative

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NOTE: This fundraiser has now closed after raising $3,590.31, but the sticker can still be purchased.


In support of the fight for racial justice, KITA is partnering with #DiversifyOurNarrative, an initiative focused on bringing anti-racist and diverse texts to California public schools. Proceeds from the sticker will be donated to the Equal Justice Initiative, an organization dedicated to racial and economic justice as well as ending mass incarceration.


The lives lost to police brutality, as well as other unjust systemic issues, are not to be forgotten or tolerated. With proceeds from the sticker going towards the Equal Justice Initiative, we hope to get one step closer to achieving long-overdue justice in our society.

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KITA & sisalese


NOTE: This fundraiser has now closed after raising $411.82, but the sticker can still be purchased.

SiSaLeSe is an educational and cultural center for students from four villages in Arusha, Tanzania. Each of the four syllables in the word “SiSaLeSe” is taken from the name of each village: Siwandeti, Saitababu, Levolosi, and Seliani. The program specializes in education, language, and culture, hence their slogan “Elimu, Lugha, na Utamaduni” which are the Swahili words for those principles. 


In order to support SiSaLeSe’s efforts, KITA has partnered with Neema Loy, founder and head instructor at SiSaLeSe, and Matthew Travers, the SiSaLeSe head of marketing and instructor, to ideate and design the SiSaLeSe Sticker. Proceeds from these stickers will all go toward enriching Tanzanian youth through SiSaLeSe’s careful and extensive instruction.

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KITA & bali muda foundation

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KITA has partnered with Brandon Spars, a high school teacher at Sonoma Academy to illustrate his most recent book, Rangda: The Legendary Goddess of Bali. Author proceeds from this book will be donated to the Bali Muda Foundation, which is devoted to supporting Balinese teachers as they build a generation of youth dedicated to maintaining a sustainable environment.

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KITA & undocufund


NOTE: This fundraiser has now closed after raising $212.00, but the sticker can still be purchased.


Proceeds from the Heal & Grow Sticker will go to The UndocuFund for Disaster Relief in Sonoma County, which was founded in October 2017, in response to the Tubbs wildfire. It was launched by a coalition of immigrant service providers and advocates to provide direct assistance to undocumented victims of the Northern California fires. The fund seeks to support undocumented children, families, and communities in Sonoma County affected by the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic, as well as the current fires ravaging California.


KITA & amah mutsun land trust

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NOTE: This fundraiser has now closed after raising $1,697.76, but the sticker can still be purchased.


Recent catastrophic wildfires in the Santa Cruz Mountains and throughout California are highlighting the urgent need to restore Indigenous stewardship practices, such as cultural burning, to the landscape. Indigenous cultural burning is prescribed fire initiated by Indigenous people that promotes ecological and cultural resources, sustains ecosystems, builds wildfire resilience, and is informed by traditional ecological knowledge and practices. 

The Amah Mutsun Land Trust is launching a new initiative to restore Indigenous cultural burning to Amah Mutsun ancestral territory. Proceeds from this sticker will support the establishment of a thriving Amah Mutsun Cultural Burns Program and help the Amah Mutsun Land Trust recover losses from the CZU Lightning Complex fires.

The Amah Mutsun Land Trust is a non-profit established by the Amah Mutsun Tribal Band to protect and restore Indigenous cultural resources and sacred lands within the ancestral territories of the Mutsun and Awaswas peoples, along California's Central Coast. Through three brutal periods of colonization, the Amah Mutsun were removed from their ancestral lands, and prohibited from engaging in the land stewardship practices their ancestors had followed for thousands of years.