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NOTE: This fundraiser has now closed after raising $411.82, but the sticker can still be purchased.

SiSaLeSe is an educational and cultural center for students from four villages in Arusha, Tanzania. Each of the four syllables in the word “SiSaLeSe” is taken from the name of each village: Siwandeti, Saitababu, Levolosi, and Seliani. The program specializes in education, language, and culture, hence their slogan “Elimu, Lugha, na Utamaduni” which are the Swahili words for those principles. 


In order to support SiSaLeSe’s efforts, KITA has partnered with Neema Loy, founder and head instructor at SiSaLeSe, and Matthew Travers, the SiSaLeSe head of marketing and instructor, to ideate and design the SiSaLeSe Sticker. Proceeds from these stickers will all go toward enriching Tanzanian youth through SiSaLeSe’s careful and extensive instruction.

SiSaLeSe Sticker

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