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"Kita" is the Indonesian word for "us." We are all united in art.

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About Us


KITA is a fashion line featuring designs by Clara Spars. We hope to create a community bonded in art by incorporating visual art, music, language fundraisers, and social interactions into our brand. Check out the "KITA Music" and "Fundraiser" pages to find out how we collaborate with our surrounding community!

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Malala Fund


The Stanford Daily

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Full Spectrum

Clara's bio

Clara Spars graduated from Stanford University with a B.A. and an M.A. in English. As someone extremely passionate about the interactions between art, writing, and social justice, Clara dedicated much of her college experience to advocating for change. In 2017, she published a story in New World Writing about her experience with sexual assault, titled "Domino." In 2018, she gave a TEDx Talk at the University of California, Santa Barbara about the need to speak up and advocate for victims of sexual assault, titled "Broken Puppets: Sexual Assault and the Fragmentation of the Human Body." She is now working toward making KITA an avenue for advocacy and community-building by launching various fundraisers in collaboration with local organizations, and creating platforms for musicians' and other artists' work to be showcased alongside her own.

Tedx Talk

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