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80% of proceeds from this sticker will be donated to the European Academy of Sciences of Ukraine. Another way to help is through donating directly to the linked GoFundMe page, which supports Ukrainian scholars and journalists as they attempt to survive the ongoing war. This campaign was originally created by Brandon Spars, a high school teacher at Sonoma Academy. Here's Brandon:


Hi, my name is Brandon Spars. I am a teacher and scholar who has worked closely with the non-profit European Academy of Sciences of Ukraine. My friends in Ukraine—scholars, journalists, and translators—urgently need supplies such as tourniquets, hard body armor, plate carriers, first aid kits, trauma bandages, and medical supplies. There are no small or big donations; any amount will make a difference. This fundraiser will provide immediate assistance to people who are in desperate need.


I have never been inspired so deeply by a cause, but I have never worked with such amazing people who are now fearing for their lives. The money you donate will go directly to individuals I know and care about very much. Please help!


Update Sep 26th, 2022:

Dear all, thank you for your support to Ukrainian journalists, researchers, and elderly scholars, which has enabled us to help them! We are also very grateful for the generous support of the CEO of, Simon Assaad, and his team.


Two water cleaning devices, five high-quality plate carriers + 10 pieces of hard body armor and 20 medkits will be delivered to the rescue/first aid team in mid-October. We are very touched by your love and care, and your support has created the possibility to raise the goal of this fundraiser, which is now to buy an ambulance.


Other needed items for the rescue team operating in dangerous zones are:


— Protective eyewear

— L3 helmets

— Plate carriers and hardbody armor LIII/LIV

— Tactical medical backpacks (35L, 55L)

— Thermal blankets

— Splinters

— Tactical shoes

— Medkits, flashlights, and medical supplies

Ukraine Sticker

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