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Meet the talented photographers that have shot for KITA!

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lucy brewer

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Lucy Brewer is an accomplished independent photographer from Atlanta, Georgia. Ever since Lucy first picked up a camera, photography has served as a means to document and understand her environment. Her work embraces the style of street photography, and she has trained with National Geographic photographers across the globe. Currently a senior at Stanford University, she is building a portfolio which draws upon themes of Southern identity and historical memory. In her free time, Lucy enjoys taking portraits of friends and occasionally making collages from vintage magazines.

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stella rose

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Stella Rose is a professional fashion and editorial photographer based in the Bay Area and Los Angeles, California, attending Pomona College. She is a multi-published creative professional in many industries, having traveled as a photographer to places she never would have expected. She has walked the streets of Sweden and Latvia as a photographer for international tourism boards, danced in music festival photo pits for big-names such as Oh Wonder, COIN, and NoMBe, and curated countless stylized editorial shoots for high-fashion brands. Her work specializes in an elevated sense of fashion, storytelling, and bold accentuations. In her free time, she's an artist, traveler, dog-lover, and adventure enthusiast. 

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sophie weil

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Sophie Weil is an 18-year-old photographer based in the San Francisco Bay Area, and she attends college in Los Angeles. She enjoys experimenting with portraiture, music, sports, and travel photography, but overall love capturing moments in time. She's been taught by National Geographic photographers in Iceland and the Galápagos Islands, and also loves taking portraits of friends and volunteering to document local events while at home.